In the Future Gardens Will Grow on Motors

In the future gardens will grow on motors” is a data-driven sculpture in which light nourishes a dynamic landscape of magnetically-generated ecosystems.  This project is the first in a series of works, called Crude Landscapes. It deals with the translation of naturally occurring energy into lifelike properties within an inorganic built system.

This particular piece transforms light energy into motion. It is composed of anthropomorphic structures filled with ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid. The ferrofluid’s reaction is driven by electromagnetic pulsations informed by data from the solar panels that power this piece.  The project suggests that elements derived from natural phenomena are not lost through digital conversions but recreated in another form, and even when filtered through the sieve of technology, retain their organic qualities.

by Gabriella Levine and Genevieve Hoffman


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documentation of the project’s progress